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Just like their football team, San Marino are usually on a hiding to nothing at Eurovision. This time, the UK Eurovision People In Charge have sensibly decided to self-select our entry from a secret field of decent songwriters and performers, instead of leaving the decision to the bonkers British public. The crowning glory, however, will be the wall of raining fire on the stage when she performs. What I think will happen. Leave a comment. Tagged armenia eurovisionaustria eurovisionbbc three eurovisionchildren of the universechildren of the universe eurovisionconchita wurstconchita wurst eurovisioncopenhageneurovisioneurovisioneurovision bettingeurovision denmarkeurovision eurovision song contesteurovision favouriteseurovision previeweurovision song contestfrance eurovisiongermany eurovisiongraham norton eurovisionmolly smitten downesruth lorenzoruth lorenzo x factorsarah deanespain eurovisionsweden eurovisionuk entry eurovisionunited kingdom eurovision.

Simon Read. Every now and then I have to do some shameless self-promotion—such as right now. The book is a non-fiction account of the unsolved pitchfork murder of Charles Walton in the village of Lower Quinton. Some believe the murder was the last ritual witchcraft killing in Britain.

On Wednesday 14 Februarythe body of Charles Walton was discovered on the lower slopes of Meon Hill near the sleepy Warwickshire village of Lower Quinton, his torso pinned to the ground by a pitchfork. Myths and rumours soon swirled about the crime. Accounts claim Walton, a lifelong resident of Lower Quinton and a retired labourer, was believed Mr Krauts Jinx many to be….

View original post more words. Because this year…. Yes, the whole of Le Royaume-uni might have to don the crampons and woolly hats and get ready for a nosebleed as we prepare to scale the dizzy heights of the Eurovision scoreboard for the first time since, well, the last time. Hosts Denmark also qualify by right. Just so you know, I did an Eric Morecambe last year, getting the correct Top 5 countries, just not in the right order…. At long blinking last!! Verdict: Power and presence, this could be a shock success — 8.

Guaranteed Top 3 finish, should win. Axel is a kind of Belgian Paul Potts, bless him. Look at him when he performs, this song is personal, too personal. Weak, half-hearted and a bit of a waste of time, really. The voters will agree with me. Relative newcomers to Eurovision, Montenegro first appeared in the semi-finals, but have yet to make a final.

I really hope they manage it this year, because this song is quite rousing and it does grow on you. Albania came 5th two years ago. No, really, they did. The Portuguese entry is a bouncy, samba-ish number which is old school Eurovision, and it shows.

She has a Stepford smile and eyes like a frightened rabbit. I really think — and hope — that this will get Top 3 at least. I think we will. Kasey Smith. This song is a gravel-voiced opus from a wild-eyed, slightly scary songstrel who at least sings some of it in her native tongue. This is going to get nul pointseven in the semi.

According to the bookies, this is even worse than Georgia. Sarah Deane. Skip to content. The United Kingdom is last to go… Is that good? Odds quoted are correct as of Friday 9th May. Verdict: Bring back Sakis! Verdict: Sacre bleu! Austria 2. Sweden 3. Norway 4. United Kingdom 5. United Kingdom 3. Sweden 4.

Spain 5. He kept Moody alive under the Imperius Curse to continue harvesting hair for the Polyjuice Potion, and to question him about his personality, behaviour and knowledge, in order to make the act more convincing.

Upon entering Hogwarts' Start-of-Term Feast with Moody's appearance, he received applause only from Dumbledore and Hagrid, both of whom stopped quickly after realising that absolutely nobody else clapped, as everyone was too fixated on Barty's scarred facade.

Barty then ignored the jug of Pumpkin Juice on the High Table and instead took a swig out of Moody's flask, administering a new dosage of the Polyjuice Potion while upholding his disguise's personality of fearing of being poisoned by food prepared by others.

Barty used his time at Hogwarts to gain the trust of the students and staff at Hogwarts. During his first lesson for a group of fourth year students, he demonstrated all three Unforgivable Curses on three different spiders [14] and controversially, later also the Imperius Curse on the students themselves, although he claimed to have had permission to do so, in order to teach them how to overcome it.

As a teacher, Barty under the guise as Alastor was actually quite effective. Despite his ulterior motives, his teaching of how to overcome curses such as the Imperius was valuable with Harry Potter, who gained the ability to resist even Lord Voldemort himself as a result of this training.

He was also a strict teacher, as he kept his students working until the end of the classes despite most of them being distracted by the Christmas festivities.

He advised Cedric Diggory into telling Harry how to work out the golden egg clue, knowing that he would repay Harry for telling about the dragons. He also planted the book Magical Mediterranean Water Plants and Their Properties onto Neville Longbottom early on, hoping that Neville would tell him about gillyweed for the underwater task. With Harry's own pride and independent streak standing in the way of the plan, Barty had to improvise.

Remembering that Harry mentioned having an elf friend named Dobby who gave him socks for Christmas, Barty called Dobby into the staffroom and staged a loud discussion with Professor McGonagall about gillyweed, right in front of Dobby. The house-elf responded by stealing the plant from Severus Snape 's personal stores and giving it to Harry on the day of the task. During the events surrounding the Tournament, Bartemius Snr escaped from his home and travelled to Hogwarts, where he wandered in his confusion in search of Dumbledore, planning on confessing about how he smuggled his son from Azkaban.

Voldemort immediately sent an owl to Hogwarts warning Barty Jnr that his father would likely show up at Hogwarts. Bartemius Snr came upon Harry and Viktor Krumbut by then, he was so delusional and insane that he was unable to clearly convey anything beyond what appeared to be ramblings about his son and Bertha. The former went to the castle to fetch Albus. Barty Jnr, having kept an eye on the Marauder's Map he borrowed from Potter, arrived at the scene before anyone else, and waited for Harry to leave before he stunned Viktorand killed his father.

He transfigured his father's body into a bone and buried it in front of Rubeus' cabin. Before the third and final task of the Tournament, Barty volunteered to place the Triwizard Cup in a maze through which the contestants were to navigate. He took advantage of this opportunity to turn the Triwizard Cup into a Portkey. As he patrolled around the labyrinth hedge, he stunned Fleur Delacour and used the Imperius Curse on Viktor to get rid of Cedric, but Viktor was stunned by Harry.

Nonetheless, Harry got to the Cup, along with Cedric, transporting them to the Little Hangleton graveyard when they grasped it together. It was at this time that Peter performed the ritual to restore Lord Voldemort's physical bodyusing Harry's blood, Peter's own hand, and Tom Riddle Snr 's bone from the grave. When Harry escaped the graveyard and returned Mr Krauts Jinx Hogwarts, Barty ushered him away from the panicking crowd to interrogate him about Voldemort's return.

He revealed to Harry that it was he all along who guided him through the Tournament; he put his name in the Goblet of Firegot Hagrid to show the dragons, explained the Golden egg to Cedric knowing he would tell Harry, bewitched Viktor Krum and stunned Fleur Delacour. Barty then planned on killing Harry and being honoured above the rest of Voldemort's followers. But before he could, Albus, accompanied by Minerva and Severus, fired a Stunning Spell at him, having realised that he was not Alastor when he removed Harry from his sight — his one slip-up.

After the Polyjuice Potion wore off, Barty confessed everything to Albus under the influence of Veritaseruma strong truth potion. However, before he could testify before the Wizengamot, Barty suffered a fate worse than death, receiving the Dementor's Kiss by a Dementor that Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge brought with him. Cornelius regarded Barty as a raving lunatic, believing that he merely thought that he was acting for Voldemort and thus was not convinced that the Dark Lord was back.

In his youth, Barty was described as being a pale young man with straw-coloured hair and freckles. Prior to his capture and arrest, he often sported a pocket watchthough unlike his father's, his was golden in colour.

Being a Death Eater, he bears the Dark Mark on his inner left forearm. During this time, his face would be covered with scars, with chunks of his nose missing, and dark grey grizzled hair. He also took Alastor's prosthetics, both the magical eye and wooden leg, for his own.

Barty appeared to have been: intensely hateful, diabolical, scheming, evil, vengeful, cold, cruel, manipulative, callous, loyal, extremely intelligent, sadistic, shadowy, very arrogant, cunning, selfish and ruthless.

He was obviously a quite powerful wizard, having demonstrated sufficient magical ability to Confound the Goblet of Fire into believing that four schools participated in the Triwizard Tournament in order for Harry to participate in the contest despite the object's power.

Barty was also perceptively observant and exceptionally manipulative; his keen attention to the habits and motivations of others enabled him to impersonate Alastor Moody so accurately that he even managed to fool Albus Dumbledore. Barty's high intelligence also made him bitingly cynical and he remarked how easy some people were to manipulate — he was capable of concern for his plans, and expressed his fear that Harry would have failed the Second Task.

He also expressed frustration for how slowly Harry progressed in Barty's plans, citing Harry's weakness of pride as the reason. Barty was extremely devoted to Voldemort and regarded him as a father figure. His loyalty was matched only by fellow Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange. He also seemed to know much of Voldemort's fathercomparing him with his own father. This may imply that Barty was aware of Voldemort's status of being half-bloodbut did not care, in contradiction to the Death Eaters' belief of pure-blood supremacy, or that Voldemort simply superseded the blood status.

However, Barty's immense loyalty to Voldemort blinded him to those who truly loved him, namely his mother and the family's devoted house-elf Winky. They sacrificed much to give him a second chance at a happy life, which Barty tragically wasted in his obsession to reunite with Voldemort.

As with many other Death Eaters, Barty had deluded himself into believing that he alone understood Voldemort, and that they were closest to each other due to their commons, to which was in fact not true as Voldemort never desired a friend nor understood human affections. The year he spent in Azkaban also furthered his mental decline, due to the effects of the Dementors.

He was also likely very sadistic, not only did he participate in torturing the Longbottoms, but forced their son Neville Longbottom to watch a demonstration of the Cruciatus Curse on a spider, despite the latter's bizarre and panicked response.

However, this latter act could have been what the real Moody would have done himself, and possibly it was indeed to teach the students the harsh truths about the Curses.

Crouch also loved Quidditch in his youth, a fact mentioned by Winky. Also, as a young man, he was extremely emotional, weeping and screaming before he was sent to the Dementors and pleading Mr Krauts Jinx with his father to grant him leniency. He screamed constantly in Azkaban — but this can be supremely expected among the prisoners of Dementors.

He was prominently hypocritical, and snarled at the Death Eaters for hiding and refusing to brave Azkaban in Voldemort's name, when this is exactly what he can be accused of also. Barty was one of the only known wizards to call Voldemort by his name 'Voldemort' instead of using 'the Dark Lord' or a different version of it, saying his name while talking to Harry after the Third Task.

He was also the only known Death Eater to do so; even defectors such as Severus Snape and Regulus Black referred to Voldemort as "the Dark Lord", while fellow fanatically loyal Death Eater Bellatrix saw it as a sign of respect not to speak the name.

Crouch also seems to detest cowardice, such as when Draco Malfoy attempted to attack Harry from behind after the latter had insulted him, Crouch still under disguised as Moody angrily transfigured Draco into a ferret and continuously taunted him over his under-handed tactics, and subsequently yelled at Draco about stories about his father that would make him shiver with fear, hinting that while sadistic and ruthless, Crouch was a fair wizard.

Barty Crouch was very gifted and intelligent, whose potential as a wizard could be matched by only a select few. Armed with only the magical skills he had acquired throughout seven years of Hogwarts education, he successfully demonstrated sufficient magical ability to fool a whole school of learned academicians into believing him to be a seasoned Auror, speaking for his considerable skills.

Additionally, Crouch swiftly came up with a feasible strategy to help Harry Potter win the Triwizard Tournament after he placed the boy's name into the Goblet of Fire. His intelligence has been vouched for by even Lord Voldemort, who wholeheartedly entrusted him to be the one to guide Harry to the rebirth ceremony.

Barty Crouch Snr. Crouch Jnr's father, as a high-ranking Ministry official, spent his entire life dedicated to eradicating the Dark forces, and as such, didn't pay enough attention to his own son. When Crouch Jnr was caught with other Death Eaters at the crime scene of torture of Alice and Frank Longbottom to insanity, his father's parental affection extended to as much as giving him a trial, something he did not always give other suspects.

In the end, Mr Krauts Jinx, the trial was merely to make an example out of his own son, and to publicly disown him, making clear he had nothing to do with anyone who would even remotely be connected to the committing of such a horrible crime.

Crouch Snr mercilessly sentenced his own son to Azkaban for life. A little over a year later, the father, as a favour for his dying wifesmuggled him out of prison and kept him under control with the Imperius Curse for years to come.

By Crouch Jnr's claim, his father loved only his wife and not him, but this was only in his own perception. The elder Barty's willingness to sacrifice his wife to spend her last days in the horrific Azkaban to rescue their son may be indicating that he retained some paternal affection for him, despite many believed otherwise.

It was this sentence that cost Crouch Snr his chance to become Minister for Magichis position as Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcementand his wife to suffer her last few days in Azkaban. When the elder Crouch was subjugated by Voldemort and escaped, he decided to tell Dumbledore of everything, including that he smuggled his own son out of prison; Mr Krauts Jinx was during this moment that Crouch in a delusive state expressed his regret to Harry Potter of mistreating and neglecting his son, blaming himself for the young man's choice of life.

Crouch Jnr, in turn, hated his father, considering him to be a very disappointing parent. Being sent to Azkaban for one year and imprisoned in his own mind for twelve only increased the friction between father and son. Crouch also claimed that he suffered the indignity of being named after his father and had the "great pleasure" of finally murdering him.

Adding insult to injury, he transfigured his father's body into a bone and buried it, showing callous, but understandable disrespect for the corpse with a crude method of disposing it.

His mother loved him very much, and persuaded her husband to help him escape Azkaban. He also apparently had some affection for his mother as it is revealed that he was "screaming for his mother" during his early days in Azkaban.

She was about to die when her son was imprisoned, so she drank Polyjuice Potion and disguised as him to take his place at Azkaban. She died a short time later, and was buried outside Azkaban. However, rather than start afresh and repent for his crimes, he tried to use the opportunity to look for Lord Voldemort and help bring him back to power, apparently his year in prison and hatred for his father caused him to forget his love for his mother, tragically wasting all of her efforts for him.

Winky the house-elf was extremely loyal to the Crouch familyto the point of surpassing the mere house-elf's magical binding. She took care of Crouch Jnr when he was smuggled out of Azkaban, and became his carer and keeper. She was extremely devoted to this duty, and was very motherly towards him, asking his father to reward him occasionally for good behaviour even though it was no more than a by-product of the Imperius Curse. Winky spent months to persuade Crouch Snr to let his son attend the Quidditch World Cup, and tried to suppress her acrophobia in order to keep an eye on the hidden convict.

This all proved how much she loved him, despite his crimes. She was devastated when she was dismissed for failure, and became horrified when she heard of how Crouch Jnr killed his father. Crouch Jnr, on the other hand, thought that Winky's motherly nature was only out of pity and magic-bound duty.

He launched the Dark Mark in the camp-site in order to scare disloyal Death Eaters, ignoring her efforts to keep him safe and hidden. He also showed no reciprocating affection for her as he ungratefully used her affections to achieve his goal of serving the Dark Lord, and gave a maniacal smile during his interrogation while she was there, the latter terrifying her.

Lord Voldemorthis master and father figure. In contrast with his real father, Crouch saw Lord Voldemort as a father figure of sorts, and after having been disowned by his own father, was fanatically devoted to him.

In fact, at that point, Crouch was willing to sacrifice and give absolutely everything to serve the Dark Lord. He also believed that if he finished off Harry Potterhe would be welcomed back, closer than a real son and honoured beyond his dreams. Crouch's loyalty had led him to know many things about Lord Voldemort that even other loyal Death Eaters, such as Bellatrix, presumably do not.

Barty knew that Voldemort had a disappointing fatherthat he suffered the indignity of being named after that father, and that he had the great pleasure of killing his father to ensure the rise of the dark order. This also implies that Barty was aware of Voldemort's blood status as a half-bloodbut did not care, in contradiction to the Death Eaters' belief of pure-blood supremacy. It could very well be that Voldemort told Barty these similarities between the two and used them as a way to get Barty to join him.

Voldemort could have simply told Barty about his father being disappointing while neglecting to reveal that Tom Riddle Snr was a Muggle. Voldemort seems to have acknowledged Barty's worth, something his own father failed to do, referring to Barty as " his most faithful servant ".

However, for all of Voldemort's public claims, he never truly cared for Barty any more than as a useful servant who is as easily disposable as any other, as Voldemort never wanted a friend.

Although it is likely that he missed him for his usefulness and complete loyalty. Eventually Barty held a violent hatred towards the Death Eaters who had abandoned faith in Lord Voldemort. He believed that those who would not brave Azkaban for him and denied their affiliation with him were unforgivable—apparently having completely forgotten that he was once like that himself as he screamed his innocence in the courtroom.

Barty practically begged Harry to tell him that Voldemort punished the Death Eaters for their thirteen years of disloyalty, to hurt them for their lack of faith. Due to this fanatical loyalty held by Barty, he launched the Dark Mark into the Quidditch World Cup to frighten the Death Eaters who were levitating the Roberts family for fun, in retribution for their faithlessness, despite the risk of being caught. Also, during the year he was disguised as Alastor Moodyhe spent a great deal of time intimidating former Death Eaters, Igor Karkaroff and Severus Snaperelishing the thought of being alone with them to kill them.

It's likely that he respected Bellatrix Lestrange as well as Rodolphus and Rabastan for their own loyalties to Voldemort.

Despite his hatred towards them, Barty knew how to control his temper when necessary, and prevented himself from attacking them during his disguise as Moody. He even set aside his differences with Peter Pettigrewone of the most disloyal Death Eaters, and the one responsible for Voldemort's initial downfall due to the information given about the whereabouts of the Potter familyin order to work together to revive the Dark Lord.

Though it's also possible that he appreciated Pettigrew's role in finding their master in the first place, as well as helping to free him from his father's Imperius Curse, Pettigrew's neglect of guarding Crouch Snr may have nevertheless left another negative thought from Barty. Peter on the other hand seemed somewhat resentful that Voldemort compared him unfavourably to Barty in terms of skill and loyalty.

Although Harry Potter was Voldemort's most hated enemy, Barty never showed open hatred for him, though this is assumed to have been an act.

After Barty became more paranoid and fanatically loyal to Voldemort, Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew found Barty at his house. Voldemort freed Barty from the Imperius Curse and they plotted to murder Harry. However, Barty didn't show that he was a Death Eaterand played the role of a friendly teacher towards Harry, giving him useful information about how to succeed in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament.

He was also the one who taught the Unforgivable Curses to Harry, and the first person Harry saw performing the Killing Curse besides Voldemort murdering Lily. Over the year Barty taught Harry, he kept the boy safe from harm, and chased away other people who would threaten or get in the boy's way, all for him to serve Voldemort's plan.

Harry also saw Barty's trial in the Pensieveand was told by Albus Dumbledore that it was unknown if Barty was guilty or innocent. It could be that the only reason Barty desired Harry's death was to appease his master, and held no personal grudge. In fact, Barty seemed delighted when Harry proved to be able to throw off the Imperius curse in class, however, this is ultimately debatable, and could have just been part of Barty's act. However, when Crouch exposed himself, he did state how annoyed he Mr Krauts Jinx at Harry's pride being a setback for the plan, which forced Crouch to improvise to compensate.


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  1. Mr. Kraut's jinx was an Egyptian sphinx It happened during the holiday to the Valley of Kings He got hypnotised like Peter Pan by the moon The strength of a smell made him quite dizzy soon.
  2. Nov 16,  · Mr. Kraut's Jinx. Amon Düül Ii. From the Album Made In Germany November 16, $ Start your day free trial of Unlimited to listen to this song plus tens of millions more songs. Exclusive Prime pricing. $ to buy.
  3. Mr. Kraut's jinx was an Egyptian sphinx It happened during the holiday to the Valley of Kings He got hypnotised like Peter Pan by the moon The strength of a smell made him quite dizzy soon And suddenly there were cobwebs all over And suddenly there were cobwebs all over And thoughts of forgotten riddles returned It was like Fata Morganas that weren't.
  4. "'s Jinx" builds with the sound of wind in the background. Vocals (male) a minute in are spoken. Violin 3 minutes in and later at 5 guitar come in with aggression 7 minutes in as the tempo picks up. Great sound 8 minutes in/5.
  5. Mr. Kraut's jinx () Total Time: Line-up / Musicians - Robby Heibl / bass, violin, acoustic & electric guitars, vocals but fortunately the best is saved until last on this version. `Mr Krauts Jinx' has a nice dreamy atmosphere and a wistful weary vocal from Robby, while the band works through everything from uneasy acoustic /5(4).
  6. Leaving behind the fateful old charming Ludwig we end the first part of the album with the eight minute long tale of ‘ Jinx’. A heavily German toned vocal from Karrer sets up the story of our unfortunate character more of that tongue in cheek approach of self-disdain.
  7. Condensed minute version of the original double album, made for the British and North American markets. It didn't break them in the English-speaking world (obviously the intent of this release), but it sounds surprisingly complete as an album for what's essentially a paring down of a larger work.

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