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Once the weapon is shouldered and the target sighted, the safety must then be switched from "safe" to "fire", after which the weapon will fire when the trigger is pulled. The propulsion system is typical of rocket-propelled weapons, with a very short-lived booster, and a sustainer motor that propels the projectile through most of its flight. Both are solid fuel rockets. The projectile is claimed to be highly insensitive to crosswind because of the propulsion system used, which would make it quite accurate.

As with the Armbrust, the backblast of the MATADOR is significantly muffled through the use of a countermass, consisting of a mass of shredded plastic chips.

Not only does this greatly reduce the noise, flash, smoke, and the dust and debris thrown into the air by the backblast, but it also allows the weapon to be fired inside structures normally considered too confined for the use of rocket launchers. It is safe to fire the MATADOR inside structures whose interior volume is as small as 15 cubic meters, though hearing protection is still advisable.

With the Matador - Adam F - Matador / Pen New Ragga (Acetate) extended, the warhead will fire the charge liner into the target as a penetrator, capable of punching through thick vehicle armor. With the probe retracted, the warhead will flatten-out on impact prior to detonation, in much the same manner as a High-Explosive Squash Head HESH round, and then detonate; in this setting, the blast will smash through thick masonry, concrete, or even stone walls, creating a mousehole at least mm wide.

Against thinner walls such as single-layer brick wallsthe HESH effect will breach a hole large enough for a man to walk though. The operator can switch from one setting to another simply by pulling the probe out to its full length, or pushing it back in. The performance of the warhead against armored vehicles is also significantly increased over that of the earlier Armbrust, with the ability to penetrate mm of rolled homogenous armor equivalent.

However, it still lacks a precursor charge, so performance against reactive armor is still poor. It worked exactly as advertised, and was Matador - Adam F - Matador / Pen New Ragga (Acetate) to clear or breach any fortified structures the IDF encountered.

Fortunately, the local police retrieved them before anyone else, and they turned out to be inert dummies used for training in other words, static props that don't actually fire anything. It is still in production and is available for export. Consequently, it is less effective against light armor, and has no effect against the armor of main battle tanks.

This weapon is also offered by the Dynamit Nobel as the Panzerfaust 90 or Pzf 90 for short. RGW It is a smaller version with downsized warhead caliber to 60 mm. This weapon is significantly lighter, though at a cost of reduced performance. It weights 6 kg and has a length of mm. Similar weapons.

It consists of a launch tube based on the M recoilless gun, and launches a rocket based on that from the Mk. It is also notable that one of the rounds for the SMAW has a similar effect.

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Matador Camera Base Layer - Grey.


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  1. Matador i-teen color Pencil Established in , Matador Ball pen Industries is the largest ball pen manufacturer in Bangladesh. We are proud to say that we are the largest Disposable Pen maker in ASIA having a capacity of making million Disposable pens per day.
  2. Not even an hour after I drove off the lot with my brand new Mustang GT, I got dinged by a rogue hub cap on the lowest portion of my front bumper. The scratches penetrated the paint layer (e.g. past the clear coat), so I figured I'd need to sand down and paint it back up.
  3. Dec 11,  · Matador and Mont Blanc - posted in Pen History: Does anyone know if there was a link between the two companies. Just purchased an intriguing vintage pen which has a cap clearly stamped Mont Blanc and with the white flower insert (although this is badly crazed and discoloured with some flaking) - however the body of the pen has a faint imprint for 'Matador Dipless'?The cap and body are .
  4. Established in , Matador Ball pen Industries is the largest ball pen manufacturer in Bangladesh. We are proud to say that we are the largest Disposable Pen maker in ASIA having a capacity of making million Disposable pens per day. Apart from disposable pens, we make refillable ball pen and gel pen with various ball diameters and ink.
  5. MATADOR®-S is a soybean pre-emerge herbicide that provides burndown and long lasting residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds. Developed to provide maximum weed control in combination with weed resistance management to combat glyphosate and ALS resistant weeds.
  6. Matador Pocket Blanket New Version, Picnic, Beach, Hiking, Camping. Water Resistant with Built-in Ground Stakes (Original Red) out of 5 stars $ $ Get it as soon as Sat, May 9. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Matador Mini Pocket Blanket, Ultralight Hiking Picnic Blanket/Beach Blanket.
  7. The Matador brand belongs to Siebert & Löwen, founded in by Adolf Siebert and Ewald Loewen and operating in the production of office supplies, with production in Wuppertal-Elberfeld(?). It is not known an exact date for the fountain pens market entry, but activities in that field can tracked back at least at , date of the first known patent (nº FR) for a safety.
  8. Phone: (M-F 8AM-5PM Mountain Time) For more information on returns, exchanges, and product warranties, view our Customer Service Page. USA SALES Interested in carrying Matador products in your store? Do you currently sell Matador products and need to re-order? Email: [email protected] Phone: INTERNATIONAL RETAILERS.

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